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The Kipture Primary School is located in the western part of Kenya, not far from the village of Kapsabet. The school offers the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education. The KPS Foundation originated from a visit to Kenya by Creigh Kelley in 2003. Creigh traveled to Kapsabet with Peter Tanui to visit his home and fell in love with the people and their culture. With most of the 5,000 residents without dedicated electricity or water, Creigh saw a need for more and before even leaving the country, began to sketch out the framework for the Foundation. His simple goal was to build a library and kitchen for the school. That dream became a reality by 2008, and through generous cash donations, the Foundation continues to enhance both buildings and to raise funds for a medical clinic and the electrification of the community where the children reside. Peter Tanui, a graduate of KPS, is President of the Foundation. He was the first student from KPS to attend and graduate from an American college, Lubbock Christian University. Peter lives part of each year in Colorado and the rest of the year in Kenya.